Frequently Asked Questions About our

Cabinet Glass Inserts & Stained Glass Panels


Q : Do your glass inserts come with the doors, or can you supply doors ?
A : No, the glass inserts do not come with the doors. We do not get involved with any of the cabinetry at all. We recommend that you read about our friends at Maple Craft USA. You may wish to also visit our Links Page to see other suppliers of doors, cabinets and full kitchens. As well, there are many other useful resources to be found on our Links Page.
Q : How can I be sure I am ordering the right size of glass inserts for my kitchen cabinet doors ?
A : Please carefully review the Measuring My Cabinet door page. If you follow the directions, your glass inserts will always fit correctly. Please remember, custom shapes such as arched top cabinet doors can only be fabricated when you supply a template.
Q : Do we need to ship you our doors to be able to get new glass inserts ?
A : No, you will never have to ship us your doors. We make all of our inserts based on your measurements of your doors. In some occasions if you have arched doors it might be necessary for you to send us a template. To read more about measuring please click here.
Q : How can I track my order or find out the status of my order ?
A : All shipping is done by UPS, standard ground shipping. We will e-mail or fax you a confirmation of your order being shipped along with a UPS tracking number so you may know exactly the shipping status of your order at any time.
Q : How can I be sure my order will arrive in good condition ?
A :

We pride ourselves on the quality of the packaging for all of our customers. All shipments are packaged with extraordinary care. Each cabinet glass insert is individually wrapped inside protected cushioned packaging, and then inside the heavy duty carton. Your order is shipped with UPS, fully insured against any damage. Rest easy knowing we have done everything possible to ensure the safe arrival of your new inserts . The risk of something happening very small indeed.

In the unlikely event of damage, please contact us immediately with your concerns.

Q : How do I clean and maintain my new glass ?
A : Maintenance is the same as you would clean any window. We recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth such as old linens. Paper towels should not be used as they will leave fine paper lint behind. Spray your regular window cleaner on the soft lint-free cloth, do not spray the glass cleaner directly onto the glass. Then carefully wipe off any fingerprints or dust. That's all there is too it.
Q : What if I decide I would like more ?
A : All orders are kept on file detailing the size, colors and textures, choice of decorative bevels, design or pattern and all other pertinent information required to duplicate your order.
Q : Are there other colors of lead available ?
A : All pricing shown is based on our standard lead colors. We offer a traditional dark antique lead (Patina), a silver/pewter (Zinc), as well, bright brass is available by special order.
Q : What if I have solid doors, can I cut them out to accept glass inserts ?
A :

Virtually any type of door can be adapted to accept inserts. Check with a local kitchen cabinet shop in your area to see if your doors can be routered out to accept glass inserts. Usually they will adapt your doors to accept cabinet glass inserts for a small fee.

You can read more about adapting your existing cabinet doors by clicking on this link.

Here is another pretty good article about adapting your existing cabinet doors.

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