How to measure for your new

Cabinet Glass Inserts or Stained Glass Panels




All Measurements should be taken form the back side of the cabinet doors.

This is the the side that faces toward the inside of the cabinets.


Be sure to supply the exact size of the openings...No deductions please.

We will then make the neccessary adjustments at our end.

This will ensure a perfect fit every time.



Standard Cabinet Doors

The Standard Cabinet door is rectangular in shape.

To obtain the measurements we need.

Supply the exact width and the height of the opening in the back.

how to measure a standard cabinet




Arched / Eyebrow Cabinet Doors




The arched or eyebrow cabinet door is rectangular in shape.

It has anarch or eyebrow at the top. To get the measurements.

We will need one measurement of the width, and two measurements of the height.


We need the height of the shoulder (the start of the arch)


and the height of the crown (the highest point of the arch)

Eyebrow / arched cabinet door





Cathedral Style Cabinet Doors



For a cathedral cabinet door we need a template to be made.

To make a template you will want to trace the back cabinet door opening.

You can also cut cardboard to fit the exact opening size.




You can read more about measuring or adapting your existing cabinet doors,

by clicking on this link.


Here is another good article about measuring or adapting your existing cabinet doors.


How to Measure cathedral cabinet doors

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